What is Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia falls under the parent category of anxiety. Its an anxiety disorder where a person has extreme fear more often irrational of being in confined places where there is no escape. It more often results in a panic attack which is usually triggered by certain situations such as being in closed or a crowded environment like an elevator, locked rooms, train, subway, basement, cellars, crowded places or even an aeroplane. There are instances where people feel claustrophobic if they wear clothes which are tight necked. instead of being confined to a restricted space claustrophobia can also trigger if a person is confined to one area like standing in a queue fora long time. Some times even MRI machines can trigger claustrophobia due to a length of time spent in one area.

The word Claustum means shut in a place in Latin and Phobos means fear in Greek that is where the word claustrophobia is derived from. more than 6 % of the entire population of the world are suffering with claustrophobia but most of them are not receiving any treatment for it.

People suffering with claustrophobia can find this condition tough to live with. They will go to any extent to avoid the triggers of the panic attack like avoiding the subway and taking the long route to the other side. Taking the staircase instead of the lift or the elevator without even thinking of how much they need to climb up or down.

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